Well Crafted Opening Statements = #InsideSales #Success (part 1)

Here is a random list of things I’ve written down lately about opening statements:

> “Is this a good time?” is a question we all know the answer to is NO, because our prospect was working on something when the phone rang… yet when rephrased to “I hope I haven’t caught you at a bad time…” prospects tend to say things like; it’s no worse than any other, what can I do for you?

> I tend to use “I’m glad I caught you…” BECAUSE I AM 🙂

> “I know you weren’t expecting my call…” is another acknowledgement of interruption without giving the prospect an out

All of which were in different training classes, with different companies, different students.

That is when it hit me – one of the hardest transitions at the beginning of a sales call is at hello.

We struggle with the polite move from a greeting into the business part of the call.

I’m realizing that is why many people use “Hi, How are you?” as a greeting… even though it’s a greeting followed by a question.

They are trying to JUMP past their discomfort.

Instead decide what works for you, sounds genuine, and use it!

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