the magic of the mute button = #InsideSales #Success

I told you I hate when people talk about “secrets” and then I go and use the word “magic.”

The funny thing is when I use the mute button it seems like magic.

Ask a question… put my phone on mute… let them talk.

The magic is that in the less than 3 seconds it takes me to reach over to UN-mute myself, the other person begins speaking again.

Not every time, it certainly happens more than half of the time.

They keep going on the topic and I learn things I would NEVER have heard if I’d spoken. Why? because whatever I would have said would have moved the conversation away from their next point – losing the opportunity to hear something important forever.

Try it – it will be uncomfortable at first, the silences will be longer than you’re used to.

I’m curious what you may learn… aren’t you?

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