Voicemail Inspiration from Alice Kemper @bestsalestips with an @UpYourTeleSales Twist

“GET the return call or even GET them to take the call when they answer!” if that doesn’t make you want to work on your voicemail messaging I don’t know what will.

Cracking the Rotten Voice Mail Fail by Alice Kemper talks about her GET Method.

> Greet: State their name, your name and company
> Explain: WHY making it all about them
> Time: you will call again with your name & #

As inside sales I’d say we need multiple versions and messages to reach our prospects. The formula can change as you work to gain access:

1. voicemail with immediate email follow up
2. voicemail with email follow up the next day
3. GET method voicemail
4. voicemail w/calendar invitation
5. mail something – then call about the topic
… you see, lots of versions, messages, and ways to reach people.

What can’t change is the message MUST be all about them. NOT about you – your products/services – company.

As they listen the resulting belief has to be; having a conversation will be valuable and help me.

Not that buying from you will help. The CONVERSATION will be valuable.

Please sell the idea of your call instead of trying to make a sale!

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