Don’t give in unless you share WHY

“fine, go ahead”

Feel free to put whatever tone of voice you want to that quote.

It happened, in what I would have thought, was mid-conversation.

Not a heated one, but certainly a conversation where there were two distinct points of view.

Of course, it was the abrupt end to the conversation.

I guess I did get my way, but it felt more like the other person gave up vs. gave in.

Lot’s of things may have been behind it:
> you obviously care more about this than I do so it’s “fine, go ahead”
> you’re beginning to annoy me and I don’t feel like this is worth the conflict so “fine, go ahead”
> I have more pressing things on my mind and I’d like you to go away, it’s “fine, go ahead”

or many other options I can’t even imagine right now.

It’s been two weeks since the exchange and I’m still baffled.

No matter what the reason, please give your WHY before you give in.

© Yanik Chauvin | Dreamstime Stock Photos


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