sunshine & motivation

I have a good friend and I’ve noticed something recently.

If it’s sunny – he’s motivated.

Yup, a direct correlation between the two.

Which got me thinking about what I don’t notice that impacts my own motivation levels.

For the next three days – check your motivation five times:
1. first thing when you get in
2. mid-morning (around 10:00)
3. after lunch
4. mid-afternoon
5. right before you leave

Ask yourself three questions – answering with a smile 🙂 neutral :-/ or frown 🙁
> how motivated am I feeling?
> can I identify what is impacting my motivation?
> do I know how to become MORE motivated?

At the end of your three-day trial, look back to identify patterns.

See if there is a sunshine effect on your motivation – the one thing that ALWAYS motivates you. What can you do to get more of it?

is there a dreary day impact that you can get rid of?

Take control of motivation!

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