Paperwork Overwhelm – three tips to tackle it!

Unfortunatly that image is the pile currently on my “side desk”…

Not because it’s unimportant stuff.

Because I was making me sick to my stomach to look at it piled up in front of me.

Yet, I didn’t tackle it (and I’m looking over my shoulder at it right now in self-disgust).

The pile is too big… too time-consuming…
too overwhelming.

Isn’t that what your inbox feels like?

Here are my three tips for today to tackle Paperwork Overwhelm

->> take the one big pile and separate it into individual action piles. Tasks that you can begin and complete to get rid of the pile – that doesn’t mean your objective is achieved, it means a pile disappears!

If you’re looking at your digital pile – create folders!

->> look at the importance of getting each task completed.

NUMBER the digital folders with the highest priority being “1 – what ever you called it” and so on

->> now this might seem counter-intuitive, I just told you to prioritize and now I’m NOT going to tell you to tackle that pile. Instead;
1st action = the pile that will take the least amount of time (to give you – aka ME – a feeling of progress) now delete that digital folder!
2nd action = the pile with the highest priority (for a feeling of accomplishment)

Good luck!

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