Sales isn’t ONLY about prospecting!

“This weekend I terminated my accounts with both EE and William Hill. I’ve been with EE for 15 years and William Hill for three yet they both let me walk, no fight, no fuss and no “What’s wrong?”. Please, can someone tell them, it’s about your CURRENT customers, not just NEW!” ~ Dannielle Harris, Head of Sales at alldayPA

When I read this post I got to thinking about how sales organizations talk about things. With a huge focus on net new business.

You can see that Dannielle isn’t saying that earning new business isn’t important.

She is telling her EX that it is about BOTH people who buy from you and the people you want to earn business from.

Today take a few minutes to determine what your customers need from you to REMAIN your customers.

If you don’t know – call and ask them!
> why did you start working with me?
> what keeps you coming back?
> how can we be better?

THEN do those things.

Oh while you’re at it, you can certainly figure out how to use the information to earn new clients as well.

Sales isn’t ONLY about prospecting… but you can’t NOT prospect either.

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  1. Lynn Hidy says:

    Check out Dannielle Harris’ follow-on LinkedIn post! My Bad Customer Service Experience Resonated With 15,000 People. Here’s Why.

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