why is listening the most important sales skill?

I learn a lot from the students in my classes. A few weeks ago I learned a lot by a question one of the participants asked.

why is listening the most important sales skill?

The next 15 minutes were a great discussion around communication that got us to the answer. Here is the condensed version:

> Listening allows us to hear what is important to our prospects and customers.
> Hearing what is important gives us insight and understanding into their world.
> Sharing our understanding is what begins building trust.
> Trust is required before they will listen to our ideas, solutions, etc.

Maybe my graphic should be a circle instead of an upward arrow…

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  1. Very well said! A good salesperson is good not only in talking but more in listening. Only when you get the true value of listening that you understand your customers more and what they need. Your arrow is absolutely spot-on, listening is the foundation of trust. Trust will eventually develop when your customers see that you really cares.

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