Decisions require – brainpower, time, and money (2 of 3)

In part 1 the focus of my post was on the brainpower piece of my mantra Decisions require – brainpower, time, and money.
1. brainpower to think about the change.
2. time to implement it.
3. money to spend in making it happen.

Today let’s focus on TIME

Before anyone will make a decision to change, they have to have enough time to implement it.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

If I put in all the brainpower needed to make a decision, that is only part one. I then need to take action and make the change happen.

There are many different time commitments a decision might require:
* how much total time are we looking at?
* are you asking for a lot of effort at the beginning?
* will the time only be required for a finite period of time (one day, one week, one month, etc.)?
* is the change going to require consistent time spent, forever?

You might think of even more questions related to time, based on the decisions you’ve had to make recently OR the ones you’ve asked other people to make.

You can also add in those SAME questions for anyone else who will be involved in the implementation of a decision.

“I don’t have time for this” makes more sense, doesn’t it?

Especially if you add the need for brainpower to time and realize the lack of either (or both) could cause an “I don’t have time for this” reaction to decision making.

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