Manager Coach Effectiveness – tip #1

yes-238374A client of mine asked a question the other day.

“Lynn, do you think managers can effectively coach the people on their team?”

That was the beginning of a great conversation. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing the questions I asked the sales leader to help them determine the answer in THEIR organization.

My answer initially was a solid “maybe.”

Tip #1 – know your management team
My first questions were about the management team’s capabilities AND their Can’t, Won’t, Don’t Know How areas.

You can always call me to have the conversation, but here is an outline of a way to examine your team.

> list the top 3 strengths you see in each manager

Here are a few attributes people have listed about great coaches:

they believe in the salespeople’s abilities
help keep things in perspective
don’t allow their ego & self-worth to be tied to the coaching
aren’t invested in the outcome
don’t judge or assume
treat all salespeople as individuals
don’t compare salespeople to others
ask insightful questions
are great listeners
sincere interest in the salesperson and desire to help
… add your own!

> now look at each manager’s top strengths – do they align with the great coach list?

Once you’ve started to examine if your managers have what it takes to be a great coach, you may realize some do and others don’t.

That is when you jump to Can’t, Won’t, Don’t Know How and uncover if they are capable… need coaching on being a coach… or need some skill building to make them effective.

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