The 10 Commitments (inspired by @iannarino)

tablet-1075790It’s no secret that I love numbered lists. When I was reading The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need my feeling is that this particular list created by Anthony Iannarino may be good enough to put on a tablet.

You don’t even need to go up a mountain to believe these are all true.

Here are Anthony’s 10 Commitments needed to close a sale!

These aren’t YOUR commitments as the salesperson. Instead, they are the commitments a prospect needs to make to become a customer:

1. time
2. explore
3. change
4. collaborate
5. build consensus
6. invest
7. review your proposed solution
8. resolve concerns
9. decide
10. execute

I’ve always said that your prospect must have three things available in order to consider any alternative to their status quo: brainpower (to think about it), time (to do something about it), and money (to spend on it).

Anthony’s commitments take those things to the level of your prospect taking action and DOING something. DOING, of course, is the only way for them to buy anything.

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