Make your #InsideSales team independent!

Fireworks!Today is Independence Day here in the US, which always makes me think about independence at work, perhaps because I’m not working…

Here are two three of inside sales management and leadership that I know don’t work:

> Telling people what to do and how to do it… day in – day out is problematic for both parties.

As the inside sales manager, it will exhaust you.

Plus, it will annoy your team not make them into masterful inside salespeople.

Faux Democratic
> Why “faux-democratic,” you ask? Because everyone on the team knows they work for a corporation and they don’t truly get a vote.

At best the team will humor you as they realize the path you’re leading them down is a good one.

At worst they will walk all over you.

> Not leading your team isn’t going to work either.

When no one is setting the destination, everyone ends up milling around and not getting anywhere.

If your inside salespeople didn’t need a leader, they’d be entrepreneurs and work for themselves not you.

What does work? Lead them to independence!
1. set expectations for results
2. tell them WHY
3. set expectations for behaviors/activity
4. explain HOW those behaviors/activity will get them to the results you’re looking for
5. make sure they have the skills they need
6. motivate
7. inspect what you expect

Then you will see the fireworks of their independence!

photo courtesy of © Jason Smith | Dreamstime

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