Customer Contact Time vs. Responsiveness

dreamstime_m_17055886I’m not going to lie, it happens to me too.

I’ve scheduled myself for 1 1/2 outbound customer contact time. My call list is ready. My script was written. Follow-up email prepared for the double touch point.

OK – dialing

3-out of office message
4-human (yippee) wrong contact (darn it) referral name (yippee) – transferred to… voicemail
7-human, short conversation – right guy, learn more & call back
9-human, GOT A LIVE ONE! blah blah blah, great conversation, prospect accepts an action item and I have one as well


Now the struggle begins….emotionally I want to STOP what I’m doing and take action.

> inside salespeople know responsiveness is a differentiator
> its WAY more fun to work on an actual opportunity than leave voicemail
> because they talked, it must be urgent – right?

The solution?
Ask ONE more question, “before I let you go, when should we reconnect about _______________?” (listen to their answer & respond) ok really see if you can ask two…. “what happens then?”

A judge of responsiveness is based on THEIR perception, not yours. If they say next week, think of how awesome tomorrow will be. The end of the day, becoming right after lunch exceeds their expectations.

Self-reminder: the new opportunity was uncovered by CALLING PEOPLE, ok back to it

10-voicemail but I really want to work on that opportunity
12-voicemail sigh
13-human (thank goodness), short conversation – disqualified
14-human (yippee) wrong contact (darn it) no referral
15-operator to get right contact name – got it! (yippee)… voicemail
18-voicemail I really want to work on that…

Don’t give up! The struggle is real.

Keep calling, because that is how we find new business opportunities.

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