oh I’ll get to that

Lately in my head I’ve thought “oh I’ll get to that” about some of the little things that either need to be done internally OR for prospects & customers.

dreamstime_m_8906503Things that fall into a few different categories as I think about it:
1. an item that requires true focus and uninterrupted time.
2. a quick thing that I can do in moments.
3. a task I need help with that gets bounced over the net like a tennis ball and lobbed back when the other person has completed their part.
4. something I really don’t want to do.

Sound familiar?

I’ve realized I need to schedule time in my day for these things – before the end of the business day!

So here is what I’m doing, I hope it helps you too.

30 minutes: from 11:30 – 12:00
meeting subject: Ask For Help
> this is for anything I need someone else to do OR have already asked them to do something.

I now have time in my calendar to make sure I bounce my requests over the net to the people who have to help me. Making sure they get there before lunch gives my resources time to work on things immediately.

SAFETY TIP: make sure you give them the prospect/customer time frame for getting information back NOT the salesperson instant gratification time frame. Yes that does mean you need to ask the prospect/customer when they need information…. throw in a few “why?” and “what happens then?” questions while you’re at it.

45 minutes: late in the day (when varies based on my time commitments for the day)
meeting subject: Update Customers & Prospects
> this is to make sure I let my prospects & customers know where I am with their request.

Lately I’ve UNDER not over communicated, which means some people had to ask me what was up vs. me taking the initiative to let them know.

For me this isn’t ok – responsiveness is one of my differentiation factors.

This also allows me a few minutes to follow-up with my resources and see where we are with all the things other people are working on for my prospects/customers. As well as add request that have come in since lunch by bouncing them to the correct people for assistance.

SAFETY TIP: even if you believe you’ll be finishing someone’s request I suggest you give them an update… just in case you don’t respond; no one will be mad that you get back more quickly then they expect – while they will be disappointed if they don’t hear from you.

Let me know what you think! Monday was my first day using this strategy.

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