52 dials, 12% phone time vs. 37 dials, 31% phone time

dreamstime_m_5049242Some days are like that…

On a recent Tuesday; I made 52 dials and ended up with 12% phone time

This was followed by Wednesday: with 37 dials YET 31% phone time

Which is why I constantly talk about NOT judging your daily successes by a single metric.

> Tuesday the dials were higher, but I don’t remember having a single qualifying or relationship-building conversation.

> Wednesday I didn’t make many outbound dials because EVERYONE seemed to answer and want to talk.

That is why I recommend having three metrics you’ll judge your day on:
hit 1 = good day
hit 2 = great day
all 3 = FANTASTIC day

When choosing your personal objectives, make sure at least one is completely within your control. Also have one that is a sales result you want to achieve (dollars, number or orders from new customers, or perhaps finding one whale of an opportunity for next year), not only a behavior.

Try it for two weeks and give yourself a smile (good day), thumbs up (great day), or star (FANTASTIC day) to track them.

Then, measure how you feel about your week when you leave each Friday.

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