Is your view distorted?

2015-09-30 11.48.39Have you ever noticed times where your view was distorted?

Like looking at people in Millennium Park by gazing at the Cloud Gate and believing you know what they look like.

Being too close to a situation can do the same thing.

Here are three tips to check yourself:

#1 – walk away (for a minute or three)
This literally has you stepping back and away. It is even better if you go and do something unrelated to your situation and then revisit it later.

#2 – write it down or say it out loud
Introverted? write it down. Extroverted? say it out loud. It is amazing how our perceptions can be changed with this simple step.

#3 – ask a trusted advisor
Still feeling like your view is distorted? Have a conversation with someone you trust to both have your back and be honest with you.

Take the time to bring clarity to your view.

note: Cloud Gate is a sculpture created by Anish Kapoor which is installed in Millennium Park, Chicago IL

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