There are ONLY 2 Things You Control in Sales

2How You Spend Your Time
Inside Sales is TOUGH – lots of distractions, tasks to get done, and request to follow-up on.

Never forget that you have 100% control over how you spend your time.

Here are three tips on keeping control:
1. The idea of inclusive time – make sure you hold yourself to how long you will spend on a particular task. Don’t let it get away from you and you look up and HOURS have gone by.
2. STOP trying to multitask – it actually drops your IQ! (don’t’ believe me – Google “university of London multitasking study”)
3. get up and MOVE – when you change your focus get up and move for a few minutes, it will make it easier to modify your thought process.

Your Attitude
I believe this is the most overlooked piece of the inside sales job. You need to remain on the plus side of the attitude equation to be successful.

No one wants to talk with someone who sounds frustrated, annoyed, or exhausted.

Make sure you delight your prospects:
1. SMILE while you’re talking with people
2. if you’re bored with your voicemail – so are they!
3. make sure you’re ending your conversations on a Are you offering dessert at the end of your phone conversations?

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