Being Grateful with @iSalesGirl #ig4

dreamstime_xs_39115054This month The Irreverent Salesgirl and I have been sharing on twitter what and who in sales we are grateful for using the hashtag #ig4.

It was a lovely exercise in not only gratitude but also in seeing ALL the ways we can be grateful.

On twitter you can search for: “@iSalesGirl #ig4″if you’re interested.

So to pass it on, my suggestion is for YOU right now to write down one thing you are grateful for; for every member of your team… and then the leadership team you’re on.


I’m not kidding!


Here is a random list of things I’m grateful for via the people in my professional world to get your brain going:
> laughter
> challenging my thought process
> teaching me about running a business
> holding me accountable
> mutual admiration society
> having my back
> willingness to help
> forcing me to be patient
> reminding me success is a personal thing
> not to judge
> making work fun
> practice keeping my temper

See after a month, I can turn EVERYTHING into gratitude. I’m guessing with more practice I’ll even be grateful sooner.

Have fun with your list!

Then be brave and share each thing you’re grateful for with the people on your team.

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  1. #ig4 Lynn Hidy. She ensures that people are GREAT!

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