Gamification needs to be a way of work!

gamification: the process of adding games or gamelike elements to something (as a task) so as to encourage participation. First Known Use: 2010 (thanks Merriam-Webster online)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have a confession to make. I don’t like the word “gamification” but all the cool kids are using it.

What I do like is even that before the word came into our vocabulary – masterful inside sales leaders used FUN as incentive to push their salespeople and catapult their success.

Inside salespeople like to keep score!
> Points – this is the traditional way inside sales organizations have turned tasks into games. Counting something (dials, conversations, opportunities, appointments, etc) as points toward a prize.
> Level UP – if you look to video games or professional sports you can also add the idea of leveling up. Where once an inside sales-player reaches a benchmark level – the rewards get bigger as your expectations increase.

Inside salespeople like to celebrate!
> Achievement – prizes are important, public recognition of effort is also critical. Show you appreciate their efforts and the results the sales-players on your team achieve.
> Betterment – recognize improvement as well as success. It is important to keep people interested in the game which takes celebration of the incremental steps on the way to the results that will earn success.

Inside salespeople like being part of a team!
> Collaboration – give points for sharing best practices and good ideas. Competing against each other is fun – yet working together to earn something will give the team an exponential boost toward success, remember to reward those efforts as well.
> Accountability – teaming people up and having them be accountable to each other takes you OUT of the middle. They keep each other motivated and scoring success simultaneously.

Make the difficult things into a game and inside salespeople will become inside sales-players. Working to improve their scores and win the game.

You can also check out this infographic that focuses on education BUT the tenants are valid for sales teams too!

photo courtesy of © Laura Stone | Dreamstime

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