It’s OK – really


It’s OK – really

Today let’s talk about the three TOP annoyances I hear from Inside Sales Managers

#1 “I can’t believe they are surprised EVERY week when I ask them about their forecast!”

#2 “What are they doing with the HOURS they aren’t on the phone?”

#2 “WHY should I have to celebrate salespeople doing their job?”

It really is ok to think, feel, be annoyed by – all three. YET they are also the reason you have a job.

Take a moment to let go of your anger and annoyance and instead consider:

1. Perhaps they aren’t surprised – only disappointed they don’t know more, frustrated with themselves for not having more in the pipeline, or upset about a deal they lost.

2. Maybe it’s time to ask! Instead of talking AGAIN to them about talk time. Do the math for how many hours they aren’t on the phone and have a conversation about what is taking them away from prospect and customer conversations.

3. Kindness is priceless. Letting your inside salespeople know what you appreciate about them will make them want to do more of it! It will help overcome some of their self-doubt and be more effective.

It’s OK to change your own perspective – really

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