Break your BIG problem into a LITTLE solution

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Often sales managers and leaders give direction that is less than crystal-clear.
Need examples? Here are a few that are often heard on the sales floor: sell more, set more appointments, call more people, and find new customers.
These broad directives aren’t something the logical brain can wrap itself around.
> Sell More?
The inside salesperson’s logical brain has more questions than it can contend with. More of what, to whom, and how?
Instead, answer those questions for them. “Sell more” becomes: sell one new product set to your top five customers before the end of Q2.
> Set More Appointments
Transitions into: later today everyone on the team will be given their average number of appointments set each week. Over the next three months each person is expected to strive for ONE more appointment set each week than their average today.
> Call More People
Might sound like: for the next week, instead of calling your main contact, I want you to ask for someone in purchasing.
> Find New Customers
Is explained this way instead: as a team we are going to focus our efforts on earning new customer business; every day schedule 30 minutes of prep time and 60 minutes of call time to devote to contacting prospects.
Adding detail and structure around the nebulous request will make it easier to execute. Specific direction is what is needed to make change easier.

As the inside sales leader, take a moment to break your BIG problem into a LITTLE solution!

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