what if you did something completely differently?

2014-09-09 13.49.24I have a story for you today.

My parents, in the past, have taken a week or so to drive to my brother’s home in the Florida Keys. Stopping to see all of their friends along the way.

They have fun. It is their habit, the way they’ve done the trip for years and years.

This year because of health and mobility reasons it isn’t an option.

Like all of us, they are disappointed and at first didn’t believe there was a way to make their grandson’s high school graduation.

BUT WAIT! You’re thinking of all the other ways they could go to Florida.

Yet in their moment of disappointment – they couldn’t see those options.

Sound familiar?
> when you can’t gain access to the right people in at a prospect account.
> when you hear an objection you weren’t expecting.
> when you are in a sales slump.
> when things change in your organization.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself; What if I did something completely differently? Would it be possible to achieve the result I want?

By the way, my parents will be making an adventure out of their adversity and riding in a sleeper car all the way to Florida.

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