11 #InsideSales Manager Scheduling Tips

Most inside sales managers tell me they NEVER have enough time. There is always something that comes up and demands their attention, so any schedule they’ve created goes right to H*!!.

Some have even told me they’ve given up scheduling completely.

Instead of taking that drastic action (which I don’t believe is the right decision), here are my 11 Inside Sales Manager Scheduling Tips

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????1. Schedule to help yourself; remember your priorities, use your time effectively, and be as efficient as possible.
2. Don’t schedule yourself for every single minute, allow about 50% of your time for things that come up.
3. When you receive a meeting request, regardless of who it is from, consider the agenda before hitting accept.
4. Try not to have back to back meetings (even if they are items from your own to do list)
5. Schedule time with yourself to work on your priorities
6. Keep the appointments with yourself JUST like you would an appointment with someone else.
7. Have at least two 15-minute “walk away and clear your head” meetings in your daily calendar, for times you are shifting between priorities or areas of focus.
8. It is easier to move a reoccurring meeting to a new time than find unscheduled time in your week.
9. If something on your calendar is taking more time than you allotted, don’t keep working on it. Prioritize it against the rest of your day, you always have the option to: reschedule the task or rework everything else on your calendar around finishing.
10. If something on your calendar takes less time than you allotted, CELEBRATE (for just a second or two) before you move on to the next thing.
11. Make sure all scheduled tasks tie directly into your priorities, if they don’t ask yourself– “Why am I doing this?”

Start by looking at your schedule and #2 on the list! Then go to #11 and see what you can STOP doing. Move on from there as needed.

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