What if you were INVINCIBLE?

dreamstimefree_147447On my desk I have a piece of steel engraved with the question:

“what would you attempt to do
if you knew you could not fail?”

I’m not talking about a super hero power like flying (not that I don’t think that would be cool).

I’m talking about inside sales super powers!

> make them pick up their phone.
> have prospects REALLY engage in a conversation.
> everyone you speak with is open to new and different ideas

Would you be INVINCIBLE?

While I haven’t figured out a way to do any of those things 100% of the time, because they really would be inside sales super powers, there are a few things I’ve figured out about invincibility.

#1 – People not answering their phone when it rings ISN’T ABOUT YOU, so stop taking it personally. It is more likely that they were away from their desk, on the other line, or don’t recognize the number.

#2 – Prospects have to stop what they were doing when we called in order to be engaged. That means our opening statement needs to grab their attention away.

#3 – Being open to new ideas takes three resources; mental, time, and money. If any of those are missing, change will not happen – so the other person will not engage.


image courtesy of © Cristina | Dreamstime

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