tired & trying to multitask = bad communication

On Friday morning after being at an on-site training program all week I had to IM (instant message) someone the following;

“tired & doing multiple things = bad communication”

dreamstimefree_32377Which of course got me thinking.

How often at work are we mentally, emotionally, and/or physically tired?

That is not when we are at our best in terms of communication ability.

Add to that the evils of multitasking!

The environment becomes fraught with the perils of miscommunication!

Before you say something OR hit send…

Make sure you check three things:
1. what is the message I want the listener/reader to receive?
2. how easily could I be misunderstood?
3. does my message convey both the emotional intent and words I want?

Don’t let being tired and multitasking add up to bad communication on your part!

It will take more effort to correct miscommunication, after the fact, than it will to check yourself before you say or send something that isn’t correct.

image courtesy of © Theodor38 | Dreamstime

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