Expectation Reset

Remote ControlLast week two different people, talking with me about unrelated topics, used the phrase “Expectation Reset” and it stuck in my head.

This morning I’d like you to take a few minutes and think about what expectation resets you need in your world.

> Where do your expectations no longer match your goals?
> Which of your assumptions is holding you back?
> How are the things you are counting on unrealistic?
> Are you relying on circumstances outside of your control?
> What are you waiting for?

This doesn’t mean you should lower your goals. It also doesn’t mean you should change all your expectations.

Rather – examine what expectations you have that may color your view of yourself, your team, your inside sales world.

> Your expectations may not have changed – but your goals have – so the expectations are no longer relevant.
> You may be making “an ass out of you and me” – holding yourself back with a set of assumptions.
> Perhaps you are relying on X + Y = Z, yet the math doesn’t work.
> As a leader of inside salespeople, much is outside of your direct control – yet you don’t have plan B in place.
> Or you have a great plan, yet are not taking the first action step to make it happen.

You hold the remote control on your expectations. Is it time to change the channel?

image courtesy of © Phil Date | Dreamstime

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