What can you do when your leadership brain freezes?

What can you do when your leadership brain freezes?

Winter Walks 186An inside sales situation arises where you need all the leadership skills you poses to move forward.

And your brain seems to freeze.

No thoughts…
No ideas…
No memories…

You can’t think of anything that will work. There isn’t even a spark of an idea on how to proceed. You can’t think of one prior situation that is close enough to what is going on to use what has worked in the past.

Leadership Brain Freeze!

Here is a winter tip; when everything around you is frozen over, you can actually walk on water.

Yes that sounds strange when talking about brain freeze, yet in that moment of leadership brain freeze you have the opportunity to do something you would NEVER try otherwise.

It is only safe because you have 12 inches of ice between you and the water.

Plus, it takes less time to walk across that frozen pond than it does to walk around the shoreline.

When your leadership brain freezes, do something a little scary that you would normally not attempt. The results will astound you.

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