BUT everyone is on vacation…

If you aren’t ready for a bit of a rant this morning, stop reading and go about your day.

Here we are, it is the middle of December and I’m already tired of two things.
1. Christmas music everywhere I go.
2. Salespeople complaining.

Seriously, everyone is on vacation? NO they are NOT.

In fact I’d challenge that MOST people are working and working hard.

bullseye-Oscar1319I’m not saying that it will not be a challenge to get all the dominoes to line up correctly so when you knock them over the image is a PO after they all fall.

I’m not saying that it is easy to catch people on the phone and talk business.

I’m not even saying that you can snap your fingers and hit your targets.

All I’m saying is STOP COMPLAINING and
> put an arrow on the string
> make the effort to pull back the arrow
> take aim so you have the ability to hit goal
> let it go

That is all.

target image © Oscar1319 | Dreamstime

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