are you planning? everyone else is!

© Dolgachov | - Close Up Of Male Hands With Pen Drawing Scheme PhotoPlanning seems like it is everywhere at this time of year.

Planning for 2015, planning for the holidays, planning to use those last vacation days…. planning, planning, planning.

If you are like me, “a plan” seems and feels complex – daunting even.

For today, I want you to realize that the activity of planning is what is important NOT having a plan.


having a plan = that binder up on a shelf gathering dust.

planning = the guy in this picture who is working through where he is, what he wants, and the first step to getting there.

planning is messy, there are crumpled up pieces of paper, cross outs, lines drawn through, other lines over to new ideas that you don’t want to get lost….

let it be messy, allow your brain to work through both the big picture and the littlest details.

enjoy the process, even when no one else is!

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