it’s THAT time of year!

Copy of Phone 073I’ll let you insert your own “THAT” while sharing a few of my own:

1. daylight savings time “ended at 2:00 AM on Sunday, November 2”
> I really despise the quick change in darkness levels, the fact that my cat doesn’t recognize the artificial time change, and that my body doesn’t either. I love that I’m awake early and get things done before the sun rises.

2. smack dab in the middle of planning
> I have mixed feelings over the need to finalize a plan when my brain thinks on a 12-month rolling average. Yet I know the activity of planning makes me better.

3. at that point in a project that my effort is not yet paying off
> You know before you reach the “tipping point” where the project has kicked off but momentum isn’t yet on your side. That is where I am, pushing the boulder up my self devised hill… even though I know it will get there, I do wish it would be soon.

What’s your THAT for this morning? (and how will you be getting past it?(

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