Do you know your meeting purpose & objective?

As I sat creating my power point slides for a class I’m teaching on call purpose vs. call objective, I started to think about how that applies to inside sales leadership.

Do you know your meeting purpose & objective OR are you communicating off of a blank page?

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Meeting Purpose(all about THEM – the salespeople)
The reason you are having a meeting with them today.

There needs to be movement here!
> what in THEIR world will increase as a result of participating?
> what in THEIR day will decrease?

The purpose is what explains the destination postcard you’re painting.

Meeting Objective(all about YOU)
What do you – the manager… the leader – want to happen as a result of the meeting?

Think about movement again – what would you like the salespeople to DO?

How about the minimum thing that would make the meeting a success?

If you aren’t sure of the answers to these questions – perhaps you don’t need a meeting. It may also be why your team feels that meetings are just a waste of time.

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