Do ONE thing – right now!

Today’s tip is to do ONE thing – right now! (well maybe after you finish reading)

dreamstimefree_271436Recently my brain has felt like a nut caught in a vice.

I haven’t been able to get out of my own way some days – my to do list is so long, I can’t get it all done in a day… or a week… which makes me feel like I’ll NEVER get it done.

Are you still with me?


Don’t panic, if you feel the same way – instead take a deep breath.

Now go do ONE thing. Pick an easy one, one that seems so simple you really felt funny putting it down on your list YET were afraid you’d forget it all together if you didn’t.

Put aside your worry.

Let go of your anxiety.

Do that ONE thing.

Once you’re done, bask in the awesomeness of getting one thing off your list. Let it carry you forward to work on your next little thing.

When today is over, you’ll feel a little accomplished – a bit less overwhelmed – perhaps even refreshed and ready to start your next day with a smile.

photo by © Robert Faric | Dreamstime

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