How much time do you spend staring out the window?

Skaill House Orkney 009Yes I know, your office view isn’t the same as the one from Skaill House on the Orkney Islands.

I also know that there are times when your brain has disengaged and might not be staring out the window, but it is not on task or even in the same room with you. A mental vacation to Scotland if you will.

Hence the question: How much time do you spend staring out the window?

The reason for our mental vacations are many, here are a few that may sound familiar:
> forgetting a recent failure
> unsure what the next step is
> not wanting to make a call to “that guy”
> complete overwhelm

When you catch yourself on a mental vacation – take off your headset and walk around for 3 minutes. Get your body moving and your brain will typically reengage.

If you can get outside for a few moments, that may clear your head as well.

One tip to avoid these mental side trips is to schedule time in your calendar, with a reminder set, for 5 minutes of movement mid-morning AND AGAIN mid-afternoon.

Shift your body and your brain into gear, before you lose focus.

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