Feeling locked out of that sale?

Are you currently working on a sales opportunity and you feel like you’re locked out?

dreamstimefree_268857Many other sales trainers and gurus might talk to you about “closing” but my experience is that when salespeople feel locked out of that sale – it is because there is a missing piece to the qualification puzzle!

take a step back!
What are the three most important pieces of information, in your sales world, you need to know about a deal?

Each organization has there own list, but here are a few that often are missed in a salesperson’s excitement when they first hear about an opportunity:
> time-frame: when does your prospect need to take action… vs. when you want the order.
> priority: what else is competing for your prospects brainpower, manpower, and money?
> funding: do they have all the financial checks marked, i’s dotted, and t’s crossed?

The key is to find what you’re missing and unlock the opportunity.

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