Do your salespeople see their destination postcard?

One of the things about getting salespeople (or anyone) to do ANYTHING is that they have to believe it will get them where they want to go.

My coach reminds me of this all the time and it is part of the book SWITCH by Chip & Dan Heath too.

dreamstimefree_97483 Today’s Top Tip
Make sure you paint a picture of what their destination will look like.

Begin with a story about what the end will look like; describe the beauty of the view – the feeling they will have – the experience it will be

Need a sales example?
Tom, I know you have been working to pay off that car loan, I can wait to see you the first morning you drive into work and the car is now FREE. I imagine a spring in your step because that weight is lifted off your shoulders, a little smile on your face about the extra money you’ll have in every paycheck, and excitement about what it will mean to your future.

Excitement created!
Now you talk about the change that needs to happen for Tom to arrive at the destination. He is already excited to be there – make the change about it being an easier path to follow, getting him to the end more quickly.

Know THEIR dream destination
Of course the first step is to understand where each person on your team wants to go. If you paint a destination postcard of somewhere they aren’t very interested in going, that salesperson isn’t going to be interested in making the change you want.


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