How do I get prospects to respond to my email? (whiteboard video)

How do I get prospects to respond to my email?

The first suggestion I have on how to get prospects to respond to your email is to buy Kendra Lee’s book The Sales Magnet; how to get more customers without cold calling.

Why? Because it is all about creating a strategy PLUS I like the idea of using email to attract potential customers to me.

Here are the quick tips – but remember the motto “just because it’s simple doesn’t make it easy” as we go through them!

#1 – they are probably seeing it on their smart phone: who it’s from, the subject line, and the first sentence are all you have when they decide to delete or open.

#2 – one topic per message; your goal is to get them to call you or email you NOT give them a commercial about EVERYTHING you.

#3 – most of us scan down HOPING to be able to delete things out of our inbox.

That preference is only overcome if your message meets Jill Konrath’s SNAP principal: Simple – iNvaluable – Aligned – Priority

#4 – tell them exactly what you want them to do: hit reply and what? Click and register? What simple action do you want them to take?

Try those four tips and see your response rates go up!

Effective Communication – it’s your responsibility.

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