What is a conversation? (whiteboard video)

What is a conversation?

The UpYourTeleSales definition of a conversation is “an exchange of ideas between two people.”

This is different from a PRESENTATION – where you are talking to an audience… even if there are only two of you.

Or an INTERROGATION – with your prospect sitting in a concrete room, on a metal chair, with a spotlight shining on them.

A conversation is also different from a SURVEY – with you running down a list of questions, as the prospect tries to figure out either why you’re asking, how to get away, OR both!

“An exchange of ideas between two people” implies a give and take, movement – make sure you leave room for them to share.

The pauses on your side will open up space after a, good and relevant, question that the prospect will want to fill.

Then make sure your follow up question has something to do with their answer, what they just shared with you.

Don’t worry, if you are asking good and relevant questions – eventually they will have questions for you as well.

See you are exchanging ideas; you are in a conversation and on your way.

Effective Communication – it’s your responsibility.

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  1. Shannon says:

    Great post! silence makes us sales folks jittery sometimes however you are correct in your point that it makes for awesome conversations. On a side note, who was your vendor on your whiteboard video? Looking for a partner. Keep up the good work!

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