Is spelling Y(H)UMAN cheating? (call out to @DanWaldo)

I can’t beleive we are on week 4 of 4 dedicated to TeleSales Twisting Dan Waldschmidt’s new book Edgy Conversations – How Ordinary people Can Achieve Outrageous Success

Since I got my copy of the book, I’ve been making fun of Dan about using a Y to spell HUMAN when talking about his HUMAN STRATEGY!

YOUmanWhen I was getting ready for our interview (you can listen to it Thursday at 1:00 NY Time right here) I noticed on page 116 “A human strategy applies to you first.”

YOU-man: It hit me… first we have to think about the emotions inside ourself and figure that piece out … before we can expect to understand the emotions of the team – each salesperson – our boss – let alone prospects.

Take a moment (or three) today and
“Consider this…Maybe your problems aren’t them (everyone around you)> Maybe everyone around you isn’t an idiot. Maybe your emotions are making you one.” ~ Dan Waldschmidt

Be sure to create a strategy for yourself… a Yuman Strategy where you are: honest – kind – patient – relentless. First with YOU, then with everyone else.

Want more … of course you do … well:
* buy the book
* read the next post
* listen to Sales Coaching over Coffee to hear Dan chat with me THIS Thursday April 10th at 1:00 NY Time (just click on that Listen2Lynn button on the left there).

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