Give the gift of listening (drawn from @DanWaldo)

Welcome to week 3 of 4 dedicated to TeleSales Twisting Dan Waldschmidt’s new book Edgy Conversations – How Ordinary people Can Achieve Outrageous Success… so new that it TODAY April 2nd is the release date! Order your copy today.

time-heart-emotionsIn Monday’s Inside Sales Leadership Corner post, I quoted Dan when talking about having a giving mindset “maybe the solution is: giving instead of leveraging. helping instead of maneuvering. caring instead of manipulating. investing instead of executing.”

Today I’m going to give you a directive; give the gift of listening!

WHY? Because anyone can do it:
> it doesn’t cost you any money
> it is a gift most people don’t receive
> it requires

giving of yourself
helping the other person
caring about what they are saying
investing both your time & attention

Think of how you felt the last time someone listened – really listened – to you, without expectation of a result or just hanging out until it was their turn to speak.

It felt good didn’t it? I challenge you to give the gift of listening once a day – that might not sound like a lot, but it will take focus, concentration, and effort on your part. That will be seven people each week who may not have been listened to otherwise.

Want more … of course you do … well:
* buy the book
* read the next post
* listen to Sales Coaching over Coffee to hear Dan chat with me April 10th at 1:00 NY Time (just click on that Listen2Lynn button on the left there).

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