Should I leave a voicemail? (whiteboard video)

Lately I’ve been reading, seeing, hearing people ask the question “should I leave a voicemail?”

In a world where it feels like it is more and more difficult to have someone answer the phone … believes that leaving EFFECTIVE voicemail is a critical skill for inside salespeople in particular and all salespeople in general.
3 Top Tips for effective voicemail are:

#1 one topic only. We’ve seen statistics ranging from 9 to 12 “touches” before someone remembers you – don’t worry you’ll have the opportunity to leave another message with a different topic

#2 Script it out. Our experience is that without a voicemail script, salespeople tend to babble on… and on… and on.

Once you’ve got your script – practice it enough that it sounds like you, not like you reading.

#3 SLOW down when you leave your number. If you can’t write down your own phone number as you’re leaving it….NEITHER CAN THEY!

Slow it down, the pace of leaving your number could probably be 1/3 that of your normal pace.

Effective Communication – it’s your responsibility.

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