Wearing the cone of shame doesn’t help salespeople

Do you have salespeople who are typically exuberant – fun – joyful about their lives and career? They come to work excited to be there. I know lots of those salespeople.

Do you have salespeople who are normally dedicated – hard working – dependable about their work? When they arrive they are ready to go, disciplined and focused. I know lots of those salespeople too.

How ever the people on your team typically show up, there are times when things don’t go that well. Perhaps they are having a bad day or make some poor decisions.

Now add the stress you, their leader is under. Maybe you’re having a bad day yourself.

It is time to remember – wearing the cone of shame doesn’t help salespeople!
photo 1This is the expression I’ve seen on salespeople’s faces when being publicly corrected.

BTW if you’re not aware – the gray cubes of love ARE PUBLIC.

To the lack of walls and doors – add the fact that if you are disappointed or upset… you’re probably louder than normal (not that salespeople and sales leaders are every really quiet).

Before you lash out and saddle someone with the cone of shame, take a deep breath and ask them to come into your office. Gather your thoughts – respond and don’t react – make sure that what you say will result in the outcome you’re looking for.

Extra tip: send a note via email reiterating what you spoke about and what your expectations are.

oh and don’t worry about Fred,

his stitches come out Friday

& he gets out of the cone of shame!

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