What are you missing because you can’t see it?

As sales leaders there are things that obscure the view of what is really happening on our teams:

photo* your view of yourself
* preconceptions about individuals on the team
* personal stuff outside work
* experience (as well as inexperience)
* wanting something to be true
* having to deal with it, if you notice it

As you close out the year, it is a great time to set all of that aside and take a clear look at two things.

First – what kind of leader are you really? Assess and evaluate what things you were fantastic at this year, what you’ll never be good at BUT could find another way to achieve the result you want, and those things that with a little effort might be on next year’s fantastic list.

Second – what is happening on the team? Make an honest evaluation of how the team is working as a unit, then break it down into the individuals you have working with you. Who did fantastic, who isn’t BUT is willing to put in the effort, and who do you need to make the tough choice to let go.

Once you have a clear picture of both yourself and your team, you’ve put yourself in a position to be ready for the new year.

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