Are you ready for the great days?

Colorado 2011 036Often in sales leadership it is about planning for the worst, the tough times that come in any sales career. Today I’d like you to turn that over and answer a question for yourself:

Are you ready for the great days?

That might seem to be a strange question to ask yourself.

For a moment think of it this way; if a salesperson on your team has been dialing and reaching voicemail on the past 20 dials – are they ready to have the best call of their career when on the 21st dial they reach an actual human?

It is tough to be ready for a great day when you’ve been dealing with a string of frustrating ones.

Which is why I think it is very important to have a plan ready for days that are GREAT.

#1 – don’t be distracted by the waterfall
Just like your salespeople, as sales leaders it is easy to get caught up in the excitement and celebration of a great day. Make sure you have planned out a way to keep on task while you use the enthusiasm to get even more done!

#2 – figure out where the water is coming from
Having a great day is fantastic – stringing a series of them together into great weeks… great months… great quarters… great years is even better! Figure out what happened BEFORE the great day that set it up to happen. Then you have some of the keys to keeping the waterfall flowing.

#3 – have somewhere to store the extra water
Make sure you keep some of that energy, enthusiasm, and excitement stored to use on a bad day – or even one that is good but not quite great. Have those feelings at the ready to get people motivated to keep doing the activities that you as the leader, know will bring the NEXT great day.

What will your GREAT DAY plan look like to make sure you answer YES next time someone asks you “Are you ready for the great days?”

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