Are you distracted by THIS deal?

Here is the fourth October post dedicated to the little things inside salespeople do – to themselves – without noticing!

Phone Download 080Are you distracted by THIS deal?

One of the worst things that I think can happen when prospecting, is BEFORE I’ve determined if an account meets my ideal customer profile – I find a deal… an opportunity to do business..

It is like the light is streaming through the forest canopy, illuminating a single leaf. I completely forget about where I’m going and become focused on that beautiful leaf.

The problem with finding THIS deal, is that I become so focused on earning the business – I completely forget that I don’t even know if I want the business! I may go off on a chase where I run after the business only to find that it is not profitable, I don’t want to do business with the company, it takes more work that it was worth.

PLUS I put all that effort into winning – yet I don’t want the prospect to be one of my long term customers because they don’t meet my ideal customer profile.

Hopefully, this never happens to you! Missing out on the forest view because of one single leaf laying on the ground BUT illuminated in the sun.

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