3 Motivation Tips for Q4

Q4 has begun, regardless if your company’s fiscal year ends on December 31st or not, sales conversations feel differently for the people on your team.
fall2012 0543 Motivation Tips for Q4

Here are three things you can do to keep individual salespeople on the path toward achieving their goals – which will of course help you achieve yours!

> is the path clear or is it hard to tell which way to go?

Have a conversation with each person on your team about where they were at the beginning of the year, how far they’ve come, plus what needs to be done to get to their goals.

Don’t forget to tie their personal goals into the ones the company has set for their sales production!

> will it be an easy walk or a hazardous journey?

Be careful of leaving them feeling achieving their goals is impossible. If it will be a hazardous journey from now until the end of the year, make sure they:
1. believe in themselves
2. know you are there to help
3. are ready for the journey

> how is the weather?

Once the conversation has covered both the goals and activities to get there. Begin to talk about the outside forces that will affect their success. Is the weather going to be a beautiful Indian Summer or do they need to expect blizzard conditions?

Make sure you lead them to take market forces, competition, changing business conditions, etc into consideration.

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