Are you demonstrating gratitude – daily?

On Monday in the Inside Sales Leadership Corner I talked about creating an atmosphere of gratitude. I’m still thinking about it but now in a different way.

As a salesperson do you surround yourself in a cloak of gratitude? your organization
Are you thanking people who help you earn a prospect’s business – solve a customer’s problem – expedite orders – keep the quality up – help you achieve your goals?

WITH your prospects & customers
Do you remind them how important they are – thank them for the little things like making work fun – share their part in your success?

DIRECTED inward at yourself
Are you grateful for what you have – how far you’ve come – what you have the potential to do – daily successes?

A mentor of mine always says something like – If you expect the best, you’ll be surprised at how often you get it. For today let’s change it to….

If you look for things to be grateful for – you’ll be surprised at how often wonderful things happen!

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