Are you creating an atmosphere of gratitude?

Today I’m wondering (it happens a lot) about what the atmosphere is on most sales teams. Not an entire sales organizations, but on individual teams.

Have you ever walked through the cubicle maze and noticed the different atmospheres there are as you move from one team to the next? stress – anxiety – laughter – enthusiasm

A sales leader has a lot to do with that atmosphere! In turn the atmosphere has a lot to do with the teams success. leads me to my question for today: Are you creating an atmosphere of gratitude?

In sales we talk about thanking our customers – do you thank your team?

Are you showing your team as a whole and the individuals on it how much you appreciate them? How important they are to your success?

Too often I think that leaders are looking for perfection as the norm and forget to be grateful for effort. Which means showing people appreciation more often – taking time every day, every week, ever month, every year to make sure they know what they do is important.

  • Not only for the extraordinary from your perspective: making goal, being promoted, closing a big deal, wining an award.
  • How about the extraordinary from your salesperson’s perspective: trying a new technique, making a call that scares them, increasing a behavior they struggle with (EVEN if they aren’t up to target yet).

Today, be grateful; share one thing with each salesperson that makes you glad they are part of your team.

2 Comments to “Are you creating an atmosphere of gratitude?”

  1. Lisa Gardner says:

    It is in the best interest of a company to have mulitple team managers for any sales team larger then 4, in my opinion. The personality differences are such a bonus and allows for everyone to learn best what works and what doesn’t. There are significant differences as you walk through the cubicle maze and the sales people within those cubes can tell you exactly what those differences are. The best Managers I have ever encountered are those that show appreciation for your effort, empathize with your struggles, step in to assist with the hurdles and communicate clearly the team goal. Gratitude goes a long way!

    • Lynn Hidy says:

      Lisa thanks for your input! I appreciate how you look at sales teams & their role in making salespeople successful. Cheers, Lynn

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