Simple Strategic Plan – There Are Always Hard Parts

In my 1st post I mentioned that one of my four change factors was “stop myself from skipping the parts that were hard.”

Here is the whole list:

  • admit my way wasn’t working
  • trust and follow someone else’s system
  • stop myself from skipping the parts that were hard
  • create a way to incorporate the ‘after’ into my every day

dreamstimefree_96306What each of us considered “hard” will be different, but as you create any kind of plan… something will seem overwhelmingly difficult! Sorry, that’s the way it is.

Change isn’t easy – so plan for what is hard BEFORE you get to it (and believe it or not, that particular section of your plan will seem easier and perhaps even UNDERwhelming).

I love how Laura talks about this on pg 51 “Imagine if those boulders were broken down into pieces of rock. A pile of rocks doesn’t seem as difficult to move as a huge boulder, does it? And what if we broke each rock into pieces of sand? How easy would it be to move a  pile of sand out of your way? Why, you could move it handful by handful if you wanted to!”

That is where I am as I write this post (January 24th 2013), figuring out for myself how to break down each of my areas of focus into those piles of sand – maybe I can even find a fire-hose to blast them out of my path, I’ll keep you posted.

What do you need to break down for yourself that feels like a giant obstacle to your success? Can you break it down into sand for yourself?

If you’re interested in using Laura’s process pick up a Simple Strategic Plan for yourself, I’ve convinced Laura Posey (Chief Instigator of Dancing Elephants) to let me offer a $50 discount off the price which brings the price down to $147! Out of curiosity, how much more would you have to sell to earn $147 income? Based on my personal experience it will help increase your sales way beyond that.

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