More Sales Success in 2013 – part 2, look in the mirror

Look in the mirror – where are you REALLY right now

Fun-House Mirror

One place where salespeople (ok probably people in general) seem to have difficulty is in an honest evaluation of where they are in the present moment.

A few tips about looking in the mirror:

  1. Make sure it’s not a fun house mirror – you’ve probably had a few giggles in your life at a distorted view of yourself in a funky mirror. Unfortunately there are times when that is what we see when we’re taking a look at our careers and progress toward success.
  2. Was your pick a car’s rear view mirror? Be careful, objects may be closer than they appear. Don’t under how far you’ve come and how close you are to your goal.
  3. How’s the lighting? When you’re looking in the mirror make sure you aren’t shining a spotlight, under florescent glare, or in a dark room. You want this look to be honest and truthful – make sure you are looking at yourself in a good light!
  4. Don’t try this in the bathroom after a shower. The mirror is all fogged and even if you wipe it off you’re still looking through droplets. Most people have difficulty evaluating themselves, don’t make it more difficult with blurry vision.

In order to move forward and have more sales success in 2013, we need to have a clear understanding of where we are starting from – today. This means the good, the great, the fantastic, and wonderful – along with the bad, the ugly, the discouraging, and problematic. Then you’ll know what to focus on (the GREAT things), work on (where there are skills missing), and mitigate (things where you’re not strong).

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