Role Playing – a sales team meeting activity

Are you looking for something that will make your next sales meeting more interactive? Here is a crazy idea: role play.

Why is that a crazy idea? Perhaps because sales managers and salespeople alike HATE to role play. Even if they know it will expand their skill sets and improve call quality (not to mention success).

The important thing when using role playing as a sales team meeting activity is to make it into a game!

There isn’t anything that salespeople love more than winning – no matter how little the prize, it is the WINNING that matters.

What could the game look like?

Have each person on your team bring a prospect/customer scenario they are struggling with – the fun part is they will play the part of the person they’re having difficulty with!

Bring everyone on your team’s name on a piece of paper in a hat and PULL the 1st name – the person who plays their scenario. The 2nd name – is the person playing the salesperson.

Everyone else is an active observer – they have to write down their FAVORITE and LEAST FAVORITE thing the 2nd salesperson did in the course of the role play. Then share after the role play is finished!

Repeat as many times as you have time for. THEN have people vote (anonymously works best) and give a silly prize.

Follow through with the salespeople who played their prospect/customer scenarios out – privately after the meeting, make sure they got something they will be using to overcome the obstacle they are facing.

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